Pickle at the Movies: Life of Pickle

With Oscar season in full swing, we look at some lesser known appearances by our Pickle mascots.

Life of Pickle: A terrible accident results in a tiger having to survive for weeks at sea with a dangerous talking, anthropomorphic pickle. Spoiler alert: the pickle was a figment of the tiger’s imagination all along.


In case you missed the late 80s

There’s nothing more nostalgically pleasing than the familiar theme from an old TV show.  With that in mind, here’s something for those of you who remember a simpler time, when former St. Louis Cardinals infielders worked as line-in nannies for high-powered ad execs.

Also, come see our Who’s The Boss? Improv, coming up on May 10 at the Richmond Arts Centre!


October’s program featured this headache-inducing cover, which probably is not actually 3D in any way shape or form.



Introducing PICKLETURES! Here’s how it works:

a) Print this image of our Pickle mascot and cut it out.
b) Work it into a weird/unique/interesting/awesome picture.
c) Post it here on our Facebook page!
d) Win glory! And tickets to our shows!

Available in both full colour, and black and white (for the ink-impoverished).  Click on the Pickles below for the full size image.

2011-2012 Pickle Schedule

Keen to plan out your comedy in advance?  Here’s our ’11-’12 schedule in its entirety.  See you there!  All shows are on Thursdays, and begin at 7:00 PM.  Admission is $2, except for our charity events (in bold).

*Please note that Tickle Me Pickle will not perform at the March 15 and May 10 shows.