The Most Interesting Improv Group in the World




For our October program, we took a closer look at the TMP performers.  Your favourite improvisers are more than just pretty, hilarious faces; they also live daring, dangerous, uncompromising lives that could be used to sell Mexican beer to impressionable young people.

OCT - most interesting small


  • Jon has never needed a name tag.
  • Jodi once applied to be an astronaut, but was deemed overqualified.
  • Spencer owns an electric car made entirely of electricity.
  • Even Lawrence’s metaphors are literal.
  • Totalitarian dictators vote overwhelmingly for Aviva.
  • When Tinjun flips a coin, it always lands on tails.  Intentionally.
  • Thomas once tried to fail at something just to see what it felt like.  It didn’t work.
  • Aaron once fought a cold with his bare hands.


Have a great summer!

That’s it for Pickle’s 2011-2012 season!  Thanks to everyone who came out to our June finale.  Our performers will now hibernate for the summer, but don’t worry: they’ll be back in the fall for another season of improvised comedy!