Aaron joined Tickle Me Pickle back in the year 2002 where he helped organize shows and sell warm pop. Since then he has taken to the stage and earned his title as the only improviser to attempt to make a joke using binary numbers. Only one audience member got the joke, and he later filed a complaint about the warm pop.

Aviva has been improvising since 2001, after joining TMP at 15. In her very first scene she frenetically shot the corpse of her already dead father-in-law, guaranteeing that all subsequent scenes would be a (sometimes minor) improvement. She has been a co-captain since 2003, helping to co-ordinate Pickle practices and shows.

Danielle (absent from photo for parole board meeting) joined TMP in 2006 under the false name of “Frieda Frankfurter” in an attempt to suprise people with the fact that she was related to one of the current improvers. This was ruined, however, by the strong family resemblance, the fact they arrived together, and Aaron’s introduction of her as “my little sister, Danielle.”

Francine joined Tickle Me Pickle in 2003.  Since then she has climbed Mount Everest, walked across Canada three times, and hang-glided off the Eiffel Tower.  She is the only Tickle Me Pickle member with all her original teeth.

Jon founded Tickle Me Pickle in the year 2000 and has been a coordinator and performer ever since.  Jon is known for his musical improv and persistent use of puns.  Even though people often sigh at the cheesiness of his puns, Jon has “groan” used to it.

Jodi has been doing improv since 2004 and now, in her old age, she continues to strive to be the “funny clever one”. Unfortunately for her Aviva Levin has refused to give up that title, thus Jodi remains the “girl who does improv who is moderately good in a completely subjective way”. Hey… that’s something!

Lawrence joined Tickle Me Pickle in 2003 and has been trying to regain credibility ever since. He is best known for his wide array of accents (read: ‘Mexican’), his musical improv (read: ‘the guy beside Jon’), and at least one other thing. Lawrence has.  Lawrence enjoys.  Lawrence currently resides.

Spencer has been improvising with Tickle Me Pickle since around 2002, give or take. He still gets a kick out of the fact that people will pay to watch him and his friends play make believe. Although to be fair, people don’t pay very much.

Tinjun joined up with the Picklers all the way back in the year 2000, and except for a two-year hiatus a while back has been improvising ever since. Nowadays, Tinjun brings to the table the classic triple threat: improvising, sound-and-lighting, and the inability to count in games of Words Limited.

Thomas is one of Pickle’s newest members, and looks forward to one day usurping the bloated, complacent leadership of the group and establishing himself as the undisputed authority of improv in Richmond.