Best in Richmond? It’s up to you!

It’s time for the Richmond Review’s Best of the City Contest! We here at Tickle Me Pickle figure there are a few categories we fit in to, but we need your help to get the votes!

  • Best Local Artist: We’re local.  We’re artists.  Perfect!
  • Best Live Music Venue: If what Jon and Lawrence do isn’t live music, I don’t know what is.
  • Best Place to go on a First Date: Romance always follows laughter, or so the saying goes.  The saying we just made up.
  • Best Place to go on a Cheap Date: Two bucks!  Come on!
  • Best Place to Take Out-Of-Town Guests: What better way to showcase Richmond culture?
  • Best community event: Why not Laughter is the Best Medicine?

For your votes to count you need to make at least 15 entries, so why not throw a few friends of ours in there?  Matsuyama for best sushi! Art Knapp for best gardening store!  White Spot for oh-so-many categories! Be creative, and remember: vote early, vote often!