TMP Playoff Superstitions!

Over the past few weeks, your favourite local improvisers have been following your favourite local hockey team as the Canucks battled their way into the Stanley Cup Finals. Naturally, there are a host of superstitions that go along with such a historic playoff run…

After getting a post-game high five from Henrik Sedin, Jon Lee-Son has been careful not to wash his hand.  Unfortunately for those around him, that high five took place in 2003.

Jodi Allesia has grown a particularly impressive playoff beard.

Aaron Anderson firmly believes the only way the Canucks will win the cup is if he pretends not to care about it. Just try asking him about the Canucks: he will feign limited knowledge of the season and disinterest in the sport altogether.

After making a television appearance on the same day as a Canucks win, Spencer Cook has decided to ensure he is on television every game day.  Yesterday he was dragged away screaming “Go Canucks Go!” after tackling Gloria Macarenko during a live broadcast.

Lawrence Chew has been trying to replicate every aspect of his life from the 1994 Cup run, including wearing plenty of neon colours, watching Friends and Seinfeld on Thursday nights, and listening to Ace of Base. Like, all the time.

Danielle Anderson practices an increasingly complicated pre-game dance, which currently includes clapping, high-fives, a triple-barrel-roll, and the complete dance sequence from the movie Honey.

Wanting to make his mark during this incredible Cup run, Tinjun Niu has decided to also go to games as a “Green Man,” but couldn’t afford the body suit, so he’s just wearing body paint.  ONLY body paint.

Aviva Levin has been breeding hundreds of rabbits over the past year, planning to unleash the magical powers of their lucky feet by releasing them into Rogers Arena at just the right moment.

Thomas Huryn honestly believes the Canucks can hear him yelling at the TV: “GET THE PUCK! SHOOT IT IN THE NET!” His incessant reminders of the basic scoring mechanism of hockey have so far provided the team with just the edge they need.

One dark night after practice, Francine Ng mistook Spencer for Zdeno Chara. She is currently awaiting trial for aggravated assault.