Next Show: Oct 6, 2016

Take me out to the improv show,
Take me out for some laughs!
Buy me some tickets for 5 dollars
I don’t care if I’m ever a baller
for we root, root, root for those improv-ers
if we want laughs, we should go
for it’s one, two, three claps, let’s start
the ole’ improv show!!!!!

2016-10 BaseballBusy this Thursday? Want to laugh with friends? If your answer is no and yes (consecutively) we have the event for you! TMP Improv is back with our first show of the season. Click on the facebook event for a special promotional offer, only available at this show! Hope to see you there!

Admission: $5

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As always, TMP’s shows are presented in partnership with the Richmond Arts Centre (City of Richmond) with the support of a City of Richmond Arts & Culture Project Assistance Grant. ¬†Thanks, City! ¬†You’re swell.